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Mortgage-advice with purchase guidance (from Funda to front door-key)

One of our most popular services is the mortgage-advice with purchase-guidance. With this package-deal, we not only arrange the best mortgage for you, but we also help you with the purchase of your dream-house. From Funda to front door-key, all under one roof!
This package is especially popular with starters and expats but can certainly be chosen by the more experienced home buyers. We always start with the financial part. Of course, at first you want to know what your budget is before you start looking for a house. Together, we make a financial plan so that you know exactly what you’re up to. After that, we make a roadmap and guide you at every step you take.
Our experience teaches that people lose their head when buying a home. That’s good too, because in our opinion, buying a house is a matter of your heart. Some people are literally in love with their dream-house. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is often accompanied by a complete loss of common sense ..
Fortunately, the DRC-Groep specialists make sure you get the right deal for you! We assess the house, take care (if necessary) for a structural inspection, conduct price negotiations and check the purchase agreement. Also, we will ensure that the mortgage application is not delayed.

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Financial Services for Internationals

If you have a UK pension and want to make the most of your money, so that you can enjoy the most fulfilling and worry-free retirement lifestyle, the specialists at DRC-Groep can help. Our advisers have years of experience guiding individuals through the processes relating to international pension transfers to help maximize the chances of protecting and growing wealth, while also ensuring that tax liability is no larger than it needs to be.

Defined Benefit Pension schemes

The heyday of the Defined Benefit Scheme has well and truly passed, and this is despite the best intentions and limited protections of the Pension Protection Fund. However, expats do have plenty of pension options if they wish to transfer their pension pot. Choices include a SIPP transfer, a QROPS transfer or a QNUPS transfer.
Click here to discover why Defined Benefit Schemes are problematic and to consider some of the more attractive alternatives.


A SIPPs empowers the investor to be able to choose how and where they invest their money. These pension options are a great way for those based in the UK, as well as those who are living abroad, to go ahead with an international pension transfer. SIPPs offer many advantages, including tax efficiency.
Find out more about full SIPPs low cost SIPPs and hybrid SIPPs.


Both a QROPS transfer and a QNUPS transfer give savers, whether they are resident in the UK or living as expats abroad, the opportunity for increased flexibility in regards to their pension planning.
Depending on your individual goals – for example, a desire for reduced income tax on drawdown or greater investment diversity – the type of model that is right for you will vary. Advice from an accredited specialist who is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority can help you decide whether QROPS or QNUPS is the right option for you.

Help from the specialists at DRC-Groep

As a fully regulated firm, DRC-Groep’s international pensions transfer specialists can help you achieve confidence in your financial future whatever your country of origin and wherever you now reside.
Contact us today for free information about our services.

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